Wide Awake Hand Surgery may be an option for your procedure.  Wide Awake Hand Surgery:

  • Utilizes evidence-based technical advances to enable hand surgery to be performed under local anesthesia
  • Alleviates the need for, and cost of, additional preoperative testing
  • Does not require overnight fasting
  • Great option for patients who have a higher risk of general anesthesia complications

Benefits of Wide Awake Surgery may include:

  • Decreased cost
  • Time saver – no need to arrive hours early at the hospital
  • Avoid tourniquet pain and risks
  • Minimal preoperative testing

Many hand surgeries can be performed in this way, so ask us today if you are a candidate.

Rather go to sleep for your surgery?  No problem.  Most of these procedures can also be done in an ambulatory surgery center or hospital with general anesthesia.